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 "Feed me grapes." –Smoothie

"Feed me grapes." –Smoothie

Hi! I'm Kendra.

I am an interactive designer with an interest in interactive experiences and technology. 

I'm from Menlo Park, California. I've spent the last few years living in central Texas, earning my BFA in Communication Design at Texas State University. Nature is a big part of my life, and I enjoy outdoor adventures such as hiking, ice climbing, and sailing. I practically grew up at the helm of a sailboat, and was steering boats long before I was driving cars. I love animals, and have a friendly pet chicken named Smoothie (see picture)! 

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What's That?

If you're wondering about my logo—it's an axolotl!  (ax-el-ot-el) 


Because weird animals are as awesome as puns, and as a designer, it's my job to axolotl questions.


I love to tinker with new things and gain random skills. Checkout my Instagram doodles and animations below!

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