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Digitape: A Digital Measuring Device

Digitape is an original concept for a Bluetooth enabled digital measuring device. Using laser technology and the gyroscope of the paired smartphone, Digitape can measure any dimension or angle of the room you are standing in. The information is sent to your Digitape App, and creates a digital blueprint of your measured area. The Digitape concept needed a visual brand to reach its market.


Accurate Measurements with Your Phone

The Problem with Current Laser Measuring Devices

Laser measuring tape devices have been available in stores for several years and range both in price and accuracy. The more advanced laser measuring devices store measurements internally, and can measure distances over one hundred feet. However, the information is limited to the device, and the user often must make any additional calculations by hand, which requires even more tools and time.

The Opportunity of a Bluetooth Measurement Tool

Digitape combines the existing laser measurement technology with a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. The Digitape device sends information to the Digitape app and calculates distances, heights, and compass orientation from the user's position. In addition, the stored information can be used to create a basic map of the measured space. There are currently no laser measurement devices on the market with the ability to pair to a phone app.


An IoT Laser Measurement Device

Internet of Things (IoT) devices involves digitally connecting everyday objects to phones and other devices. Digitape's laser measurement data updates the stored information on the app, allowing users to measure out a physical space and make calculations.

The physical device uses data from your phone's gyroscope and GPS orientation to determine the angle of your phone, as well as the direction you are facing.


An Easy Surveying Tool

Digitape uses trigonometry to calculate the height of an object based on data from the laser measurement and the phone's gyroscope. Digitape can be switched between metric and imperial units of measure.


Visual Identity

Digitape's target audiences are professionals in the construction, real estate, and interior design fields. The casual Do-It-Yourself builder can also find Digitape useful. The visual identity of Digitape competes with big-name tool companies, and must be able to communicate its information easily to users who want data quickly.

Preliminary concepts for the trademark incorporated representative imagery of measuring devices and digital elements.


The Final Trademark

Trademark, Typeface, and Colors

Digitape's "D" line mark represents a single laser beam deflecting around the edges of a three-dimensional room, and coming together to create a letter form. The bold red color is in acknowledgment of the color of a laser (although no actual laser beam will be visible from the device...sorry, Tom Cruise). The trademark appears with the DIGITAPE text below it, or as a mark by itself. Website or app icons and other shapes related to Digitape mimick the logo of the deflecting laser beam. 

Digitape's visual identity uses Futura, which is a sleek and legible sans serif typeface. Bold forms and regular forms of the font help differentiate important information, and provide a stronger presence in instances of text appearing on busy background images.

The colors used for Digitape are bright, and demand attention. To contrast this, a middle gray tone is used for most instances of body text. This is to help the colors stand out even more. 


Icons used within the application and website follow the similar red laser visual style as the Digitape trademark.


Digitape's company business cards feature a ruler in both centimeters and inches along the edges of the card—an analog approach to making measurements that you can keep in your wallet.

An illustration of the Digitape device attached to a smartphone. The hooks are adjustable and hold the phone in a similar fashion to a dashboard phone-holder. The device must be charged and powered on, indicated by the small red light.


The possibilities with Digitape are endless. A user could map out the floor plan of a restaurant, mark out the grid of a small orchard, or accurately measure and repaint the lines of an outdoor basketball court.