Kendra Wiley Design
Design Portfolio

Hidn Tempo

Hidn Tempo is a smart watch device that measures and manages the wearer's stress levels. This is the process of developing their trademark identity.


Creating a Trademark

Preliminary research on the product was conducted to gain an understanding of the principles of the concept. Word maps and visual sketches of different types of clocks were created.

Next, a diagram of related terms and visualizations were assembled.

Thumbnails of potential trademark designs were hand-drawn on (rather wrinkly) tracing paper in Sharpie. The thumbnail sketches were analyzed and critiqued by fellow students.


The final directions for the trademark were digitally created in Illustrator, and went through another round of critiques.

The final logo. The edges were softened to portray the relaxing essence of Hidn Tempo, and the "H" and hidden "T" were built with uniform line weights for balance.


Paper System

A paper system was created using soothing, muted colors and softly curved edges to encompass the concept of a stress-free lifestyle thanks to a Hidn Tempo watch device.