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Other Design Work

A collection of miscellaneous projects.


Energy Storage Diagram

This diagram was created for Geli, an energy storage management company based in San Francsico, that helps automate grid systems. This diagram illustrates the management application, which can be managed from a computer, connecting to a large grid system consisting of residential, business, and industrial structures. 


Office Poster


An illustration for an office social event.


San Marcos Greenbelt Brochure

Go Outside and Enjoy Nature!

This informational brochure and map was made as an extension to a research project on the psychological benefits to green space. The helpful tips on the brochure were written based on the research, and the information about the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance (SMGA) is from their website. The public green space parks can be found on the map, and information on each park was derived from the SMGA website. 

This brochure was designed for A4 sized (printer) paper using a limited color pallet of black and white, to keep production cost low. It was given to each student in the Spring 2015 Nature and the Quest for Meaning Honors class. And in case you were wondering: green space is incredibly important for your psychological health, so make sure you go out and enjoy nature is often as possible!